Foundation Certificate in Christian Studies

Foundation Certificate in Christian Studies


    This Course seeks to provide every believer with a foundation which is solid enough to withstand any type of structure that would thereafter come upon it; a foundation firm enough to hold in place the whole structure against both gentile and boisterous winds of life which blow naturally upon every building. “And the rain descended, and the floods came, the winds blew and beat upon the house, and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock”. The absence of the type of foundation described in this passage can result in failure in Christian life.

    By the end of the course, you should be able to:

    1. Explain the nature and purpose of the Bible.
    2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the basic principles, tools, and methods of Bible interpretation.
    3. Gain an understanding of God.
    4. Describe the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.
    5. Understand foundational Biblical doctrines.
    6. Understand the Holy Spirit and His role in Christian life.
    7. Comprehend the origin, nature and role of angels.
    8. Experience Behavior and lifestyle changes.

    Course Curriculum

    1. The Bible
    Aims of the Course 00:25:00
    Essential Characteristics of a Successful Learner 00:35:00
    The Bible: An Introduction 00:45:00
    How to Study the Bible 00:50:00
    The Art of Biblical Meditation 00:30:00
    2. Christian Doctrines
    Introduction to Christian Doctrines and Principles 00:20:00
    The Almighty God 00:45:00
    Jesus Christ and His Work 00:20:00
    Doctrine of Sin 00:20:00
    Doctrine of Salvation 00:45:00
    Doctrine of Faith 00:25:00
    Doctrine of Angels 00:40:00
    The Rapture 01:00:00
    The Kingdom of God FREE 00:30:00
    3. Christian Living
    The Old and New Covenants 00:20:00
    New Life in Christ 00:45:00
    Empowered by the Holy Spirit 00:30:00
    Prayer and Fasting: Power Tools 00:30:00
    Who is the Church? 00:12:00
    What is True Worship? 00:10:00
    Living a Victorious Christian Life 00:45:00
    Christian Ethics 00:22:00
    Financial Matters 00:20:00
    4. Evangelism
    Sharing Your Faith 00:10:00
    Introduction to Evangelism and Missions FREE 00:20:00

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