Diploma in Christian Discipleship

Diploma in Christian Discipleship


Goals of the training:

  • To form the character of Christ in you.
  • To equip you to maximize your calling on earth.
  • To empower you to live a victorious Christian life.
  • To teach you how to be a soul winner and disciple maker.
  • To teach you principles and practices for interpreting biblical texts, including the role of the Holy Spirit in the hermeneutical process.
  • To teach you the fundamentals of Biblical Preaching
  • To introduce to you Biblical Justice and teach you how to pursue justice.

Course Curriculum

1. Who is a Disciple? - Introduction
Aims and Structure of the Training 00:00:00
Essential Characteristics of a Successful Learner 00:00:00
The Bible – An Introduction 00:00:00
Who is a Disciple? 00:00:00
The Call to Discipleship 00:00:00
Counting the Cost of Discipleship 00:00:00
The Privileges of a Disciple 00:00:00
1. Who is a Disciple? - Spiritual Transformation and Regeneration
Why Should a Believer Be Transformed? 00:00:00
What Is the Goal of the Christian Life? 00:00:00
Understanding the New Birth using Butterfly Life Cycles 00:00:00
2. Christian Doctrines and Principles
Introduction to Christian Doctrines 00:00:00
Jesus Christ and His Work 00:00:00
Doctrine of Sin 00:00:00
Doctrine of Salvation 00:00:00
Doctrine of Faith 00:00:00
Doctrine of Angels 00:00:00
The Rapture 00:00:00
The Kingdom of God 00:00:00
3. Christian Living
The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of a Disciple 00:00:00
The Nature, Purpose and Use of Spiritual Gifts 00:00:00
Living a Victorious Christian Life 00:00:00
Disciple’s Prayer Life 00:00:00
Disciple’s Devotional Life 00:00:00
The Moral Disciple: An Introduction to Christian Ethics 00:00:00
The Disciple and Money 00:00:00
4. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare - Introduction
The Invincible War 00:00:00
Who is the Enemy? 00:00:00
The Enemy’s Strategy and God’s Plan 00:00:00
4. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare - Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil
The Commander in Chief 00:00:00
Spiritual Forces of Good: Angels 00:00:00
You are God’s Battle Axe and Weapons of Warfare 00:00:00
The Disciple is a Christian Soldier 00:00:00
Spiritual Forces of Evil: Demons 00:00:00
Power to Overcome Spiritual Wickedness in High Places 00:00:00
4. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare - Battling the World and Flesh
Anointing of God 00:00:00
Satan’s Anointing- Anger and Bitterness 00:00:00
Satan Anointing Jealousy and Envy 00:00:00
Victory Over the Flesh 00:00:00
The Role of Prayer and Fasting 00:00:00
The Authority of a Disciple Power to Bind Loose and Spoil 00:00:00
The Name and the Blood of Jesus 00:00:00
How to be Released from Curse and Claim God’s Blessing 00:00:00
From Sickness to Wellness 00:00:00
4. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare - Offensive and Defensive Warfare
Offensive and Defensive Warfare 00:00:00
Weapons of our Warfare are not Carnal 00:00:00
The Final Conflict 00:00:00
5. Hermeneutics- Principles and Practice of Biblical Interpretation
Introduction to Hermeneutics 00:00:00
The Language of the Bible 00:00:00
Principles of Hermeneutics 00:00:00
Methods -Introduction to the Inductive Method 00:00:00
6. Homiletics - The Art and Science of Preaching
Introduction to Homiletics 00:00:00
The Preacher and the Purpose of Biblical Preaching 00:00:00
Sermon Preparation 00:00:00
Sermon Delivery 00:00:00
7. Biblical Justice
Understanding Biblical Justice 00:00:00
Acts of Justice and Mercy: Moses and the Good Samaritan 00:00:00
8. Evangelism and Missions
Leading Souls to Christ 00:00:00
Evangelism and Missions 00:00:00

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