Diploma in Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Diploma in Prayer and Spiritual Warfare


“Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms” Jeremiah 51:20

This course covers all manner of prayer, raising up intercessors, tearing down spiritual strongholds and equipping believers to be generals in the Lord’s Army. Each lesson will equip you to come into a deeper, more intimate level of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. On completion, you will be a sharp and powerful battle-axe in the hands of the Lord.


  • You will be able to meditate on and pray the Scriptures.
  • You will be equipped with an understanding of the role and power of prayer and intercession.
  • To improve the quality and effectiveness of your prayer life.
  • Train you to be an effective and powerful battle-axe and weapon of warfare in the hands of the Commander in Chief.
  • To know and be able to use the Weapons of Spiritual Warfare.
  • Understand prayer ministry.
  • Develop passion for prayer and intercession.
  • To help you discover and sharpen your Spiritual gifts.

Course Curriculum

1. Essential Characteristics of a successful learner
Aims and Structure of the Training 00:00:00
Essential Characteristics of a Successful Learner 00:00:00
2. The Practice of Biblical Meditation
Wonders in the Word: The Bible a “Treasure Chest” 00:00:00
Biblical Meditation: An Imperative 00:00:00
3. The Doctrine of Prayer
What is Prayer? 00:00:00
Understanding the Different “Types” of Prayer 00:00:00
Why Some Prayers Remain Unanswered. 00:00:00
4. Fundamentals of Biblical Prayer
Holiness 00:00:00
Relationship 00:00:00
Preparation 00:00:00
5. Keys to Effective Prayer
Praying in the Power of the Holy Spirit 00:00:00
Active Faith 00:00:00
Character and Lifestyle 00:00:00
The Authority of a Soldier of Christ 00:00:00
Using Scriptures in Prayer 00:00:00
Understand the Power of the Tongue 00:00:00
Remain Connected to the Source of Power 00:00:00
6. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit? 00:00:00
The Enduement of Power: “Dunamis” 00:00:00
7. How to Listen and Hear God's Voice
Quietness and Fellowship 00:00:00
Principles of Hearing God’s Voice 00:00:00
8. Nature, Purpose and Role of Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Nature and Purpose 00:00:00
How to Discover and Sharpen Your Spiritual Gifts 00:00:00
9. Great Prayers of the Bible
Exploring Prayer in the Old Testament 00:00:00
Understanding Prayer in the New Testament 00:00:00
10. Developing an Apostolic Prayer Life
Developing an Apostolic Prayer Life 00:00:00
Key Apostolic Prayers and Prophetic Promises 00:00:00
11. Jesus's Deliverance Ministry
What is Deliverance? 00:00:00
The Encounters of Jesus with Satan and the demonic 00:00:00
Divine Visitation and Deliverance 00:00:00
12. The Invincible War
Are We at War? 00:00:00
Who is the Enemy? 00:00:00
13. Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil
The Commander in Chief 00:00:00
Spiritual Forces of Good: Angels 00:00:00
You are God’s Battle Axe and Weapons of Warfare 00:00:00
You are a Christian Soldier 00:00:00
Spiritual Forces of Evil: Demons 00:00:00
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places 00:00:00
14. Weapons and Tools
The Name and the Blood of Jesus 00:00:00
Weapons of our Warfare are not Carnal 00:00:00
Praise and Worship as Weapons 00:00:00
Preaching and Testimony as Weapons 00:00:00
Full Armour of God 00:00:00
Right Tools: Clapping, Shouting, Marching etc. 00:00:00
15. Strategic Warfare
How to be Released from Curse and Claim God’s Blessing 00:00:00
Healing Ministry (Doctrines of Healing) 00:00:00
Healing: God’s Will For You (Christ the Healer) 00:00:00
Winning Your Personal Battles 00:00:00
The Final Conflict 00:00:00
16. Living a Victorious Life
The Most Powerful Stronghold- The Mind 00:00:00
Overcoming Depression and Burnout 00:00:00
How to Live a Victorious Life 00:00:00

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